Our history

At Ramos Boqueria, we are more than just an Iberian ham shop.

We are a family dedicated to preserving and sharing Spain's rich tradition with the world. From our humble beginnings in the historic Raval neighbourhood to our current location in the iconic Boqueria Market, we have taken our passion for Iberian meats to new horizons.

Our history stretches back four generations, with historic photos capturing significant moments in the evolution of our family business. From great-grandfather Vicente Ramos, who acquired the shop in the Boqueria, to our grandfather Ramón Ramos, who continued the legacy with dedication and hard work, and finally the influence of our mother, Marga Ramos, who instilled a perfectionist mentality into every aspect of our business.

Tradition and modernity.

Today, Ramos Boqueria is a unique combination of tradition and modernity. We strive to offer the highest quality products, from carefully selected hams to artisan cured meats, all with the distinctive touch of our meticulous attention to detail. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, personalising every experience for our customers, whether they visit us in person at the market or shop through our online shop.

At Ramos Boqueria, we don't just sell Iberian cured meats; we share a history, a passion and a culinary culture that transcends borders.