Artisanal Iberian Salchichón

The Iberian salchichones from Ramos Boqueria represent the perfect fusion of traditional heritage and contemporary taste. Each Iberian salchichón bears witness to quality and dedication, selected to offer a unique Iberian and artisanal product. Available in various flavors, our salchichones are ideal as the centerpiece of a charcuterie board or enjoyed on their own. Purchase your salchichón now and soon indulge in the diverse flavors. You'll see that we're not exaggerating when we say that a salchichón bought from our store is a gourmet product that's here to stay.


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The tradition of country sausage

At Ramos Boqueria, we are proud to offer Iberian sausages that follow traditional production methods. Each piece reflects the rich culinary heritage of Spain, guaranteeing authentic flavors and unsurpassed quality.

Farmer's sausage in every bite

Our Iberian sausages are handcrafted, using the highest quality ingredients. This approach ensures that every bite is a gourmet experience, with textures and flavors that delight the senses.

Whether for a family gathering, a special event or a casual appetizer, our Iberian salchichons are the perfect choice. Their versatility and flavor make them ideal for any occasion, elevating any charcuterie table.

Our commitment

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Flavor that lasts, tradition that inspires.Ramos Boqueria 1939, we are more than an Iberian store.