Cinco Jotas (5J) Ham

The world-renowned Cinco Jotas (5J) Iberian ham, considered the best Iberian ham globally, can be found at Ramos Boqueria. Each perfectly cured piece captures the essence of a centuries-old tradition, delivering flavors and textures that seduce the most discerning palates. Discover this gastronomic treasure and bring the authentic taste of Iberian ham to your table.


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Ham envelopes

For those moments when you want to enjoy luxury without the hassle, we offer 5J Ham Sachets, ready to eat. Each packet contains finely hand-cut slices of our premium Iberian ham, guaranteeing an accessible and quick gourmet experience, without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Iberian ham shoulder 5J

Cinco Jotas Iberian ham shoulder combines intense flavor and an unparalleled smooth texture. This premium selection, available at Ramos Boqueria, is the result of a meticulous curing process and years of ham-making expertise. Ideal for special occasions or as a memorable gift guaranteed to delight everyone.

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