Ramos Boqueria

Acorn-fed Chorizo

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Ramos Boqueria's Chorizo de Bellota encapsulates the essence of the traditional Iberian sausage, with a flavor that can only come from pigs raised in the wild and fed on acorns during the "montanera".

Characteristics of Acorn-fed Chorizo

  • Origin: Produced in Jabugo, Spain, cradle of the best Iberian sausages.
  • Feeding: Produced from Iberian pigs fed with acorns, which gives it a unique flavor.
  • Curing: Cured in natural drying sheds that enhance its intense flavor and aroma.
  • Texture: It has a firm and juicy texture, ideal for slicing.

How to enjoy your Acorn-fed Chorizo

Enjoy this thinly sliced chorizo as part of a charcuterie board, in sandwiches, or add it to your recipes to add a touch of Iberian flavor. It is perfect with a good red wine to balance its richness.

Ideal for almost any occasion.

Chorizo de Bellota is perfect for sharing at family gatherings or celebrations, offering a flavor that always leaves its mark and turns any occasion into a special moment.