Ramos Boqueria

Fuet Black pepper

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Ramos Boqueria's Fuet with Black Pepper stands out for its intensity and depth of flavor, provided by the rich inclusion of black pepper. This sausage is perfect for lovers of strong and well-defined flavors.

Characteristics of Fuet with Black Pepper

  • Origin: Produced in Spain, respecting traditional charcuterie techniques.
  • Ingredients: Combines select pork meat with a generous amount of ground black pepper.
  • Texture: The pepper gives a slightly grainy texture and a lot of character to each bite.
  • Presentation: Ideal to serve as part of a charcuterie board or in dishes that require an intense flavor.

How to enjoy Fuet with black pepper

Excellent when served in thin slices with mild cheeses that complement its spiciness, or included in recipes to add a special touch of flavor. It also goes well with robust wines that can balance its intensity.

Ideal for spicy food lovers.

If you enjoy bold flavors, Fuet with Black Pepper will be a must-have addition to your charcuterie selection, ideal for special occasions or as a delicious snack.