Sausage with truffle

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Ramos Boqueria's Salchichón with Truffle is a gourmet delicacy that combines the intense flavor of Iberian salami with the luxurious and distinguished aroma of truffle. This sausage is perfect for those looking for an exceptional culinary experience.

Characteristics of Sausage with Truffle

  • Origin: Made in Spain with the highest quality standards.
  • Ingredients: Combination of Iberian pork and black truffles.
  • Texture: Fine and homogeneous, with pieces of truffle that can be perceived in every bite.
  • Presentation: Ideal for luxury appetizers or as part of gourmet dishes.

How to enjoy Sausage with Truffle

Salchichón with truffle is best enjoyed sliced thinly, served with artisan bread or as part of a select charcuterie board. Its rich, deep flavor makes it an excellent accompaniment to robust red wines.

Perfect for special occasions

Salchichón with Truffle is a sublime choice for special events, offering a touch of sophistication and flavor that will impress all your guests.