Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Mace (5J) - 1,6 kg

Quantity and promotions

Discover the 5 Jotas ham mace, a select portion that offers the purest experience of acorn-fed Iberian ham. This 1.6 kg cut is ideal for connoisseurs looking for an authentic and prolonged tasting of one of Spain's most valued gastronomic treasures.

Characteristics of the 5 Jotas Ham Mace

  • Origin: Directly from Jabugo, the heart of Iberian production.
  • Quality: From acorn-fed pigs, guaranteeing a 100% acorn-fed product.
  • Curing: Cured for a period of more than 36 months to obtain the expected texture.
  • Presentation: 1.6 kg cut, perfect for family events or celebrations.

How to enjoy your 5 Jotas Ham Mace

Ideal to be served at special gatherings or as a central part of a gourmet celebration. We recommend slicing it very thinly at room temperature to maximise its flavour and aroma.

A gift that impresses

The 5 Jotas Ham Mace is not just a product; it's a luxury experience you can share. Perfect for corporate or family gifts, it guarantees an unforgettable moment for the recipient.