Moët&Chandon Mini Brut


Moët & Chandon Mini Brut offers all the prestige and refined taste of Moët & Chandon in a mini format, ideal to enjoy alone or to share in small celebrations. This champagne is an excellent introduction to the world of premium sparkling wines.

Characteristics of Moët & Chandon Mini Brut

  • Origin: Made in the Champagne region, France, with the highest quality standards.
  • Flavor Profile: Fresh and vibrant, with notes of green fruits, white flowers and minerals.
  • Presentation: Mini bottles of 200 ml, perfect for a glass of champagne.

How to enjoy your Moët & Chandon Mini Brut

Ideal for serving chilled, this Mini Brut is perfect for special toasts or as an elegant accompaniment to events and gatherings. It is also a charming complement for wedding gifts or as a detail in corporate events.

A sophisticated detail

Moët & Chandon Mini Brut is more than a champagne; it is a gesture of elegance and consideration, showing care and appreciation for detail in every little bottle.