Ramos Boqueria

Toasted mixed cheese wedge - 250 grs.

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Discover the richness and complexity of our toasted blended cheese wedge at Ramos Boqueria. This distinguished cheese harmoniously combines cow, sheep and goat milks, resulting in a multifaceted and deeply satisfying flavor profile. Its careful toasting process not only intensifies its flavor, but also adds a rich aromatic dimension that distinguishes it in its category.

Toasted Blended Cheese Profile

  • Origin: Carefully crafted in Spain using techniques that have been perfected over generations.
  • Ingredients: This cheese uses a balanced proportion of cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, selected for their superior quality and flavor characteristics.
  • Texture: It has an exceptionally creamy and smooth texture, with a slightly toasted rind that provides a delicious contrast and enriches every bite.
  • Presentation: It comes in a 250 gram wedge, meticulously cut and ready to enjoy in a variety of gastronomic contexts.

Pairings and uses of toasted blended cheese

This exceptional cheese is a perfect accompaniment to fresh fruits and jams, enhancing their natural flavors with its creamy richness. Its versatility also shines when melted into gourmet sandwiches or gratins, where its flavor becomes even deeper and more enveloping.

Toasted blended cheese: a favorite for any occasion

Whether you present it as an elegant appetizer, as part of a special dinner, or incorporate it into your favorite recipes, this toasted cheese wedge blend is designed to impress and satisfy. Its combination of flavors and texture makes it a universal favorite, capable of adapting to any dining environment and delighting all who try it.