Ramos Boqueria

Old sheep cheese wedge - 250 grs.

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Ramos Boqueria's old sheep's cheese wedge is a testament to the Spanish cheesemaking art, renowned for its intense flavor and texture firmly rooted in tradition. This cheese is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also a piece of Spain's gastronomic history, offering a culinary experience that is both rich and deeply satisfying.

Detailed profile of old sheep cheese

  • Origin: This cheese is made in select regions of Spain, where curing techniques have been perfected over the centuries.
  • Ingredients: Made exclusively with high quality sheep's milk, carefully selected to guarantee a superior flavor profile and authenticity in each wedge.
  • Texture: It has a uniquely firm and somewhat grainy texture, which melts pleasantly on the palate, ideal for tasting in small portions that highlight its aged character.
  • Presentation: Each 250 gram wedge is presented in a package that preserves its freshness and quality, highlighting its rustic and appetizing appearance.

Ideal pairings and uses of old sheep cheese

This exceptional cheese is a perfect partner for robust red wines, such as a Rioja or Priorat, which complement its intensity and richness. Brilliant when served with nuts, mountain honey or dark fruit jams, this cheese can dominate a cheese board or add a gourmet touch when grated over warm dishes, such as risottos or pastas.

Old sheep's milk cheese: An indispensable classic

Old sheep's milk cheese is a favorite choice for those who value cheeses with a distinct flavor and an authentically rooted flavor heritage. Ideal to be highlighted at special celebrations, gourmet dinners or as a thoughtful gift for true cheese lovers.