5 Jotas

Mix 5 Jotas - 100 grs.

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The Cinco Jotas mixed sausage pack contains a gourmet selection of; morcón, salchichón and Iberian acorn-fed pork loin. Offering a rich and unique gastronomic experience, Cinco Jotas allows us to enjoy this mix of sliced Iberian sausages to enjoy anywhere.

Cinco Jotas Mixed Sausage - Characteristics:

This selection of Cinco Jotas cured meats aims to reach palates that want to go beyond the classic Iberian ham, and try something more.

  • Origin: All the sausages come from acorn-fed Iberian pigs reared free-range in the Spanish dehesas.
  • Content: Includes a selection of morcón, salchichón and lomo ibérico, each with its own distinctive profile that complements the diversity of the pack.
  • Texture and flavour: The morcón stands out for its robust texture and spicy flavour, the salchichón is smooth and balanced, and the lomo has an unctuous texture with a sweet touch.
  • Presentation: In a 100 gram format that preserves the freshness and flavour of each sausage, ready to enjoy at home or at special events.

How to enjoy the Cinco Jotas mixed sausage packet

Serve the sausage in thin slices to compare the different textures and flavours. Accompany it with rustic bread, olives, soft cheese and a full-bodied red wine to bring out the unique nuances of each sausage. It is also ideal to complete an aperitif platter.

A gift for charcuterie lovers

This pouch is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the quality and diversity of the best Iberian cured meats. A perfect gift for gourmets, offering an authentic Cinco Jotas experience in a practical and affordable format.