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Catalan mixed cold cuts packets - 100g.

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The mixed cold cuts packet includes natural salchichón, peppered loin, and peppered salchichón. A packet in which at Ramos Boqueria we capture the essence of Catalan charcuterie, offering a variety of cold cuts that reflect the richness and diversity of this region. Made with minced pork meat.

Characteristics of the mixed Catalan cold cuts packet:

  • Origin: Selection of cold cuts produced in Catalonia, using local ingredients and traditional methods.
  • Ingredients: Includes specialties such as natural salchichón and peppered salchichón, and peppered loin.
  • Texture: Variety of textures, from soft and juicy to firm and dense.
  • Presentation: Packaged in packets, ready to open and enjoy at any time.

How to enjoy your Catalan mixed cold cuts packet:

This mix is ​​ideal for a Spanish tapas night, combining the cold cuts with tomato bread, olives, and a glass of red wine. Each cold cut offers a unique flavor that stands out on its own or as part of a more elaborate meal.

A Gastronomic Journey with Catalan Cold Cuts

With every bite of the Catalan mixed cold cuts packet, you will be transported to Catalonia, experiencing the authentic and traditional flavors that this region has to offer. It is perfect for gastronomy enthusiasts who want to explore new culinary cultures."