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Packet of Serrano Ham - 100g.

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The Serrano Ham Packet from Ramos Boqueria captures the essence of Spanish charcuterie tradition, offering a robust flavor and a perfectly cured texture that makes it a favorite for everyone. The slicing of the Serrano ham into packets allows you to enjoy a product that tastes like 100% Iberian.

Characteristics of the Serrano Ham Packet:

  • Origin: Produced in Spain, following traditional curing methods.
  • Ingredients: Made with the finest selection of pork meats, cured with salt and time.
  • Texture: It has a firm texture and a characteristic flavor that stands out in every slice.
  • Presentation: Packaged in packets that maintain its freshness and facilitate immediate consumption.

How to enjoy the Serrano Ham Packets:

Ideal to serve as part of an authentic Spanish tapa along with cheese, olives, and a good wine. It is also excellent for adding a special touch to sandwiches, tapas, or as an ingredient in traditional recipes. Especially when the ham is sliced ​​by a team like that of Ramos Boqueria.

An Essential Classic of Iberian gastronomy:

Serrano Ham is a staple in Spanish cuisine and a must-have for any charcuterie enthusiast, perfect for any gathering or simply to enjoy at home.