5 Jotas

Packets of 5 Jotas Iberian acorn-fed pork loin - 100 grs.

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The 5 Jotas loin encapsulates the essence of Spanish charcuterie tradition, offering a delicate flavor and a smooth texture that distinguish it. Presented in convenient packets, this loin is perfect for food lovers seeking quality and convenience.

Characteristics of the 5J Iberian loin packet:

  • Origin: Produced in Jabugo, Spain, the birthplace of the finest Iberian charcuterie.
  • Feeding: Made from pigs exclusively fed on acorns.
  • Curing: Matured under optimal conditions to guarantee exceptional flavor and texture.
  • Usage: Ideal for appetizers, main course accompaniments, or simply as a luxurious snack.

How to enjoy your 5J Loin Packet:

The 5J loin is best enjoyed thinly sliced and served at room temperature. Pair it with Manchego cheese, rustic bread, and a good wine for an authentic Spanish culinary experience.

Perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment:

With its elegant packaging and incomparable flavor, the 5J Iberian Loin Packet is ideal for gifting or enjoying on any special occasion. It's a testament to luxury and quality that will satisfy any palate.