5 Jotas

One envelope of Morcón Cinco Jotas (5J) - 100 grams.

Quantity and promotions

The Morcón 5 Jotas is a sausage distinguished by its intense flavor and robust character. Presented in ready-to-eat packets, it offers a rich and satisfying culinary experience without complications.

Features of the Morcón 5 Jotas Packet

  • Origin: Made in the Jabugo region, renowned for its charcuterie tradition.
  • Feeding: Made from the finest selection of Iberian pork meats.
  • Curing: Cured for an optimal period to develop a deep flavor.
  • Presentation: Packaged in packets to preserve its freshness and authentic flavor.

How to enjoy your Morcón 5 Jotas Packet

Enjoy the Morcón 5 Jotas as part of a charcuterie board, in sandwiches, or as an appetizer with friends and family. Its intense flavor makes it ideal to pair with robust wines.

A distinguished choice for any occasion

The Morcón 5 Jotas in packets is perfect for those seeking quality and convenience, whether for a special celebration or as an impressive gift for food enthusiasts.