Ramos Boqueria

Piece of Iberian Ham - 500 grs.

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This select slice of Iberian Ham, presented by Ramos Boqueria, is the ideal choice for those who value the authenticity and exceptional quality of Iberian ham. Cured with care and presented in a practical 500 gram format, this product is perfect for both intimate gatherings and personal enjoyment, offering the experience of real Iberian ham in every slice.

Characteristics of the 500 grams Iberian ham slice

  • Origin: Carefully crafted in Spain, this ham comes from Iberian pigs raised free-range in the dehesas, where they are naturally fed to develop the texture and flavor that distinguishes them.
  • Ingredients: Uses exclusively Iberian pork and sea salt, with no additives or preservatives, highlighting the purity and natural richness of its flavor. Pure Iberian ham.
  • Texture: The texture of this Iberian ham is tender and juicy, with a perfect balance between meat and intramuscular fat, which melts smoothly on the palate, releasing a rich and persistent flavor.
  • Presentation: Each piece of Iberian ham is meticulously sliced and packaged to preserve its freshness and quality, making this product a convenient and luxurious choice for any occasion.

How to enjoy your piece of Iberian ham 500 grs.

This Iberian ham is ideal to be served in thin slices, allowing the flavors to fully unfold. Enjoy it as part of a luxury charcuterie board, accompanied by cured cheeses, artisan bread and a robust red wine. Whether as an appetizer at a special celebration or as an elevated ingredient in your everyday dishes, this ham will transform any meal into an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Iberian Ham: A gourmet touch on your table

Each piece of Jamón Ibérico not only enriches your table with its flavor and presentation, but also offers a touch of luxury and exclusivity. It is the perfect gift for gourmets, food lovers or for those moments when you want to pamper yourself with the best of Spanish gastronomy.