Wines and champagnes for gourmets

Our exquisite collection of wines and champagnes, carefully curated below, is selected to captivate the most discerning gourmets. Each bottle in our selection has been chosen not only for its exceptional quality but also for its ability to complement and enhance the flavors of our Iberian products. From robust reds that pair perfectly with our ham and charcuterie to crisp whites and sparkling champagnes ideal for celebrations or elegant appetizers, we have the perfect beverage for every occasion.


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The heritage of Moët&Chandon

Moët&Chandon is synonymous with luxury and elegance. With a history dating back centuries, each bottle is a testament to excellence and dedication to quality. Explore our selection and discover the perfect champagne for your celebrations.

The excellence of Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot stands out for its innovation and exceptional quality. Each champagne is a masterpiece, created to delight the senses. Browse our collection and find the ideal champagne for any event.

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