5 jotas

Cinco Jotas Ham (5J) - 8kg approx.

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5 Jotas Ham represents excellence in Iberian ham, offered by Ramos Boqueria. This world-renowned product is meticulously cured to capture the essence of the Iberian tradition, delivering flavors and textures that can only be found in the highest quality hams. Enjoy this gastronomic gem that combines art, history and flavor in every slice.

Cinco Jotas Ham Characteristics

  • Origin: Jabugo, Spain, known for its ideal climate for curing ham.
  • Feeding: Pigs fed exclusively on acorns during the montanera.
  • Curing: Natural process that lasts at least 36 months, ensuring depth and richness of flavor.
  • Presentation: Available in whole pieces and precise cuts to guarantee freshness and quality.

How to enjoy your 5J Iberian Ham

To get the most out of your Cinco Jotas ham, serve it at room temperature. The slices should be thin to appreciate its texture and full flavor. It is ideal with glass bread, crushed tomato and a good red wine, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

Perfect for special occasions.

Ramos Boqueria 5 Jotas Ham is not just a food, it is a celebration of gastronomic culture. Perfect for special occasions, family gatherings, or as an exceptional gift that will impress even the most sophisticated palate.