Coca Llaminera: la mejor coca ibérica para este Sant Joan 2024

Coca Llaminera: the best Iberian coca for this Sant Joan 2024

Jun 12, 2024Adria Garcia Ramos

Barcelona, ​​June 2024

Ramos Boqueria , the almost century-old store in the famous Boqueria Market, announces a special collaboration with L'Atelier Barcelona to create the perfect Sant Joan coca: Coca Llaminera.

This innovative and versatile product satisfies both sweet and savory lovers, adapting to all palates. Ramos Boqueria, known for its high-quality Iberian products, and L'Atelier Barcelona , ​​a haute pastry shop and school, share three fundamental values: Superior quality, respect for the product and tradition. Excellence in the sale of Iberian products, transmitted over four generations, is the basis of this new proposal for the San Juan 2024 coca.

Exalting tradition begins with the recognition of a common past and a language of flavors that does not need explanations. This sense of unity allows us to blur borders and create avant-gardes. With these values ​​in mind, Ramos Boqueria launches the new Coca Llaminera , a creation that reflects the commitment to integration and excellence. Located in the historic La Boquería Market, Ramos Boqueria collaborates closely with local artisans to promote the country's gastronomic culture. Coca Llaminera is the result of this union of efforts: a puff pastry with Jabugo ham matured for up to 48 months, topped with slices of maza, known for its silky texture.

The chef Eric Ortuño Create the crunchy and soft one by replacing the traditional base of “llardons” or chicharrones with an interior with a special Iberian fat cream and ham tacos, achieving a unique caramelized effect. The name "Llaminera" is a nod to the Catalan adjective "llaminer", which means greedy, and also refers to the thin slices of ham. Ximena Pastor, partner and founder of L'Atelier Barcelona, ​​comments: "We wanted to highlight the extra-thin layers of our puff pastries and the ham sheets, creating a symbiosis represented in lines." Adrià Ramos, CEO of Ramos Boqueria, adds: "We opted for a manual cutting process to maximize the organoleptic properties of the product." Each Coca Llaminera includes a 50-gram package of Jabugo, completing the tasting experience.

This limited edition will be available in L'Atelier Barcelona stores and at the Ramos Boqueria stop in La Boquería market, as well as through our online store . Coca Llaminera will awaken all your senses, but what really makes sense is the collaboration between these two emblematic brands from Barcelona. Both seek the maximum expression of craftsmanship, quality and tradition.

L'Atelier has been awarded several times, including the Fava de Cacau award in 2020 and the award for the best artisan tea paste in Spain by Dulcypas. It has also been recognized for having the best coke in Sant Joan with cream and pine nuts.

Reserve now the best Iberian coca for this Sant Joan.

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