Ramos Boqueria

Iberian Ham Mace - 1 kg

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A 1 kg mace of Ramos Boqueria Iberian Ham encapsulates the essence of Spanish luxury charcuterie. This cut of Iberian ham offers superior quality and an intensely rich flavor that only authentic Iberian ham can provide.

Iberian Ham Mace Profile

  • Origin: Carefully crafted in Spain, from pure Iberian pigs raised in free range pastures.
  • Ingredients: Cured exclusively with sea salt and time, which highlights the intrinsic quality of the Iberian pig. Resulting in the best Iberian ham.
  • Texture: More intense and nuanced than other parts of Iberian ham, the mace is soft and tender, with fat that melts in the mouth to release a deep and complex flavor.
  • Presentation: Presented whole and vacuum-packed, preserving its freshness and organoleptic characteristics until ready to eat.

How to enjoy Iberian Ham Mace

At Ramos Boqueria we know that an Iberian ham mace is ideal to be cut into ultra-thin slices that reveal its texture and flavor. Serve as the centerpiece of a gastronomic experience at home, accompanied by glass bread, grated tomato, extra virgin olive oil and a quality red wine, such as a Ribera del Duero or Rioja.

A centerpiece in Celebrations and Gifts

The Jamón Ibérico mace is a prestigious choice for any celebration, guaranteed to impress at both corporate and family events. It is also an exceptional gift for ham lovers and connoisseurs of Spanish gourmet products.

Preservation and Cutting Tips

To maintain its freshness and qualities, it is crucial to keep the ham in a cool, dry place until use. Use a sharp ham knife to cut the slices thinly, which allows you to better appreciate its flavor and texture.